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Immovable property purchase in India is considered to be very complicated affair. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are not exception to this. Many people opine that the landed property transaction in India fraught with numerous hurdles and ultimately nobody is sure whether the valid title is conveyed even after taking all possible measures.

The reasons for this states of affairs in India are too many. We lack a perfect title conferring system as existing in Australia and other developed nations. We do not have fool-proof records so as to establish clear flow of ownership and title. Our personal laws do pose many queries regarding ownership over the immovable property. Transfer of Property Act and its ancillary Acts are cumbersome. Registration Act even though gives mechanism to the public to give a "notice to the world"; and all important documents are made compulsorily registrable under the Act, the unregistered documents still exist.

The Civil Courts have to accept, as per law, to certain extent these unregistered documents as evidence so as to establish the claims and counterclaims of the litigant public. The revenue records such as adangal and pahani are not maintained properly. The Pattadar Pass Books and Title deeds which shall act as conclusive proof as far as agricultural lands are concerned in the States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are not updated. The bonafide purchasers are facing lot of legal problems and as a result undergoing mental agony to counter the claims of litigant, mischievous and white-collar offenders. The phenomenal escalation of real estate values is compounding the problem. All the above reasons are contributing to many litigations. Clever and cunning litigants are exploiting the innocent and bonafide purchasers by creating litigation.

We, as responsible and professional people, would like to guide the public by providing legal, professional and technical inputs through this interface. The updated information on land related laws and other ancillary laws particularly with regard to registration and stamp duty issues applicable to the States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana will be posted. Hindu Marriage, Societies, Firm registration matters are also covered comprehensively

The public may post their queries on these subjects and we put our best to give proper, accurate and legally acceptable solutions.