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You may contact us for any help/assistance by sending a mail on the following matters:

  • Document Registration

  • Stamp Duty Matters

  • Land, Revenue and Survey Matters

  • Marriage Registration

  • Society Registration

  • Firm Registration

  • Chits Registration

Any query relating to the above subjects will be answered by our experts through mail. In case any personal guidance is required, the same will be provided on appointment.

Our mail address :     regguide@gmail.com

Contact Name Expertise Reach me @ Mobile
Mr K. Anantha Kumar,
Gr I Sub Registrar Retd
Registration of Documents, Societies, Marriages, Firms& Stamp duty matters. 9542955246
Mr B. Sriramulu, District Registrar Retd Registration of Documents, Societies, Marriages, Firms & Stamp duty matters. 9440950394
Mr T. Sitharamaiah,
Additional Joint Collector Retd
Revenue, land records, land acquisition, survey and settlement 9849987038

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