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How to get Encumbrance Certificate (EC)

  • In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, the process of registration of documents is computerized in the year 1999. But, the Index particulars of registered documents are computerized from the year 1983. Therefore, the computerized EC can be obtained from the year 1983 to till date.
  • The EC from 1983 to till date can be obtained from either Sub Registrar Office or Meeseva centres. Application form for EC to be obtained from Meeseva centres can be downloaded by clicking the button below.
    EC application – Mee seva centre
  • The EC relating to pre-1983 can be obtained from the Sub Registrar Office concerned. (download EC application for SROs)
  • Furnish correct details to get correct EC. Details like survey number, door number, village name, link document number shall be given accurately in the application form. If you mention that EC shall be given in the name of present owner, then other entries will be deleted, therefore, don't ask for such request. Request for general search on the property in question.
  • There are few issues like missing entries, inadvertently misspelt or wrongly numbered data pertaining to search parameters are still there in computerized data even after considerable efforts are put in to clean the data. Therefore, parties shall take all the care to search personally, the records of Registrar Offices in case they want to have confirmed picture of the property they want to buy or lend money by accepting the property as security.
  • Parties may obtain EC online by clicking on the following links (EC online).

    Andhra Pradesh


Note: Encumbrance Certificate (EC) generated through online search may not be accurate since it is subject to updating of central server.