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Acts & Rules

Sl.No Type Act/Forms Rules
1 Registration Download Registration Act Download Registration Rules
2 Stamp Download Stamp Act Download Stamp Rules
3 Hindu Marriage Download Hindu Marriage Act Download Hindu Marriage Rules
4 Special Marriage Download Special Marriage Act Download Special Marriage Rules
5 Christian Marriage Download Christian Marriage Act
6 Notaries Download Notaries Act
7 Partnership Download Partnership Act
8 Societies Download Societies Act
9 Chit Fund Download Chitfund Act
10 Indian Constitution Download Constitution
11 Transfer of Property Act,1882 Download Transfer of Property
12 Specific Relief Act Download Specific Relief Act
13 Power of Attorney Act Download Power of Attorney Act
14 Limitation-Act-1963 Download Limitation-Act-1963
15 Revenue (Land) Laws Download Ryotwari-settlement (Scheduled areas) Act
Download TenancyAct - 1956 features
Download AP Land Encrochment Act,1958
Download Tribal Land Alienation in AP - a critical review
Download Rights in Land Pattadar Pass
Download AP Boundaries ACT - 1923
16 Muicipal regulations Download Zoning regulations GOs
Download Municipal regulations GO 470
Download Municipal regulations GO 168
Download Municipal regulations GO 171
17 Mee seva - Registration Matters Download EC form
Download Marketvalue form
Download Rural regulation form
Download annex1 enclosure for buildings
Download ULC declaration form
Download URB registration input form
Download Stamps indent form
18 Mee seva - Revenue Matters Download Current Adangal request form
Download 4.F-Line form
Download Pattadar Passbook request form
Download Subdivision Patta request form
Download Duplicate Pattadar Passbook form
Download FMB form
Download Mutation form
Download ROR B-Application
Download Village Map copy application
Download Demarcation application form
Download Certified Copy of ROM application form
Download Demarcation Service application form1
Download Land conversion application form